The World’s 1st Video Game Encouraging You to Give Blood

HEADS UP, Hardcore Gamers!

Extra Life

You understand the importance of staying alive and getting to the next in-game level but do you also understand the importance of blood and survival in real-life? Now, there is an innovative way to translate this into the ‘real’ world’ and help real people too.

Asiasoft Online’s game Special Force 2, Impact Hub for sustainable social change, and game developer Dragonfly, have partnered to address a pressing issue – a shortage of blood in blood banks, by reaching out to gamers to help, with the launch of EXTRA LIFE.

How does it all work? Simple~

When die-hard gamers logged in for the latest game update of Special Force 2, they discovered blood donation banners, informing them how they could get EXTRA LIFE in three easy steps.

Step 1) Donate blood
Step 2) Receive code
Step 3) Enter code in the game for Extra Life.

Check out the video below to find out more:

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