TROS gets young men ready for a fresh start in life, via GREYnJ United Thailand

TROS is a well-established men’s grooming product brand in Thailand. For over 20 years, they have focused their communications on the functional benefits of their products – demonstrating on how they helped young men look their best. In 2017, they wanted to elevate their brand, from being only an appearance-enhancer to become a confidence-provider, by helping groom the personality and mindset of their audience as they enter adulthood.

TROS believes that the beginning of adulthood is the stage where life starts to become more interesting with new responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities on the horizon. However, because it is also a stage of life where young men have to take responsibility for their decisions, they now rely on their self-confidence more than ever. Unfortunately, the fear of failure has driven many young Thai men to adopt a lifestyle of procrastination, thus influencing them to be contented with living an ordinary life following norms, rather than chasing their dreams.



With Ray MacDonald (a well-respected Thai actor, TV host, adventurer and idol) as the brand ambassador, TROS inspires young men to start taking chances, to face their fears, and even make mistakes, rather than living a life full of regrets. The new brand tagline “It’s just the beginning” is brought to life in an online & social campaign, with an epic film at the centre of it. Launched just a few weeks ago, the video, which has already been viewed over 4.4 million times on Facebook, encourages young men to step out of the well-trodden paths.



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