What in the world is Flavour Stacking?!

Pringles is debuting its first-ever television advertisement during the Super Bowl, which will star Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader. Pringles and Hader will be showcasing a new chip concept called ‘Flavor Stacking,’ which requires layering different flavors of the chips.

Hader will star in the ad, which the brand hopes with bring laughs as it shows fans ‘Flavor Stacking’ can be a tasty wave of the future. While the ad hasn’t been released yet, a behind-the-scenes video interview (above) shows Hader’s dry humor on full display. He even suggests an Oklahoma flavor stack, made of catfish (he’s joking).

Due to their uniquely uniform shape, Pringles crisps are perfect for stacking, leading to approximately 267,720 unique flavor stacks. To create a flavor stack, fans need to grab a few of their favorite Pringles flavors, stack them and take a bite. The brand suggests flavor combos such as Pringles Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Stack, using its Bacon, Loaded Baked Potato and Jalapeño flavors, or Pringles Pico De Gallo Stack, combining Extra Hot, Jalapeño and Loud Fiery Chili Lime.



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