Why kids and guns don’t mingle


Did you know that

• 1.5 million American children live in homes with unlocked and loaded firearms.

• Every day at least six children 18 and under are injured in an unintentional shooting.

• 75 percent of gun shot injuries to children under 10 that are serious enough to require hospitalisation are due to unintentional shootings.

In an effort to make known of these devastating facts, States United to Prevent Gun Violence, a national non-profit organisation working to decrease gun death and injury, partnered up with Grey New York to raise awareness and importance of storing guns safely in order to prevent child-access.

The haunting spot depicts a small boy who fears a “monster in the closet” but was reassured by his parents. Curiosity of what was in the closet led him to find a handgun which was loaded and unlocked. The result… a tragedy.

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