Would this be her first photo or last photo?

Killed, aborted or neglected, at least 100 million girls have disappeared – and the number is still rising.

Firstphoto_Lastphoto_Mar 12 2016_003In many cultures and countries, gendercide is still prevalent due to the strong preference for sons over daughters. In Hong Kong, sex-selective abortion is illegal but many have found ways around the law, thus, creating a plight where an ultrasound scan of an unborn girl becomes her death sentence.

To create awareness and change this cultural issue, Grey Group Hong Kong and Joy of Life, an NGO in Hong Kong with a mission to help prevent sex-selective abortion, partnered up to create a compelling photo exhibition.

The photo exhibition is set at a gallery in the heart of Hong Kong (97, Hill Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong) with the theme “First Photo Last Photo”. It features ultrasound images of girl foetuses, which would be her first photo but could also be her last.

To address the issue further, the campaign also went beyond the gallery with features in print magazines, on bus shelters, outside one of the city’s largest abortion clinic, and on an immersive online gallery.

To learn more about the campaign, visit www.firstphotolastphoto.com.

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